Razem Building a different Poland together

Razem stands for equality, democracy and care for the environment.

Razem believes in a strong welfare State. A State which respects the people, their choices and dignity. A State that looks out for the less-privileged, supports local communities, the civil society, labour unions and other forms of worker representation.

We believe in a united, democratic Europe that is built on the principles of solidarity. We are a part of Europe, and we wish to decide about its future, together.

Stable jobs

Most people in Poland are workers. Razem consistently stands by their side.

Human rights

At Razem, we believe that every human has the right to happiness, to be protected from violence and have the ability to make their own choice. We always stand in solidarity with those in harm’s way!

Climate and environment

Climate change is the biggest threat to our world today. It’s time to take emphatic and brave steps to protect mankind and nature, rather than corporate profits! It’s time to become independent from Russian resources!

A safe family

Families are communities in which we show each other love, trust, and intimacy. There are many different families out there, and every one of them deserves a right to healthcare, education, support in caring for their children, the elderly, or people with disabilities. That’s the way we understand “family-first”.

The photograph depicts Razem MPs and activists during a demonstration

Together we are stronger

Join us if you want to feel the power of community, defend your rights, or fight for the rights of others.

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