Climate and environment

Climate change is the biggest threat to our world today. It’s time to take emphatic and brave steps to protect mankind and nature, rather than corporate profits! It’s time to gain independence from Russian resources!

Nuclear and renewable energy instead of coal

We will cut emissions by half by 2030 and reach carbon neutrality by 2050. We want to build the Polish economy around safe, green energy sources — nuclear and renewable. We will ensure a fair energy transition which will not leave a single soul overboard!

62,5 proc.

of Poles support building a nuclear power plant.

Poland will not become a desert!

We will end the desertification of Poland which destroys farmers’ crops, increases the prices of food, and threatens many regions with water shortages. We will end the regulations and dredging of rivers, allowing them to flow naturally. We will support water retention by creating small reservoirs allowing the maintaining of water and securing us from floods and droughts.

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If we don’t start acting now, Poland will start looking like the world of Mad Max — water will become a luxury good.


Protecting nature

Polish nature deserves to be protected, and we deserve to enjoy it and show it to our children! That is why we will expand protected areas and open new national parks to protect places like the Carpathian forest, Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, or the Masurian lakes. We will stop treating forests as tree farms, and animals as potential trophies in a hunter’s living room.


the number of years that have passed since the last National Park was created in Poland

Trains and trams instead of cars

We will create comfortable, affordable, and accessible alternatives to cars. It is rational, cheaper and better for the environment. In cities, we will invest into public transit, and when it comes to larger distances, trains or buses. Both in metropolises and in the countryside, public transit will be the safest, most comfortable and sensible option.

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Everyday commutes to work or school are like food or energy bills—we can’t avoid them.


Protecting our air

We have the right to clean air which doesn’t destroy our health and shorten our life. That’s why we will fully reimburse the exchange of old heaters and ensure that all city buildings are connected to central heating. In cities, we will be taking steps to limit car traffic—bikes and trams will be cheaper and more comfortable options.

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People living in cities have the right to clean air! We will limit car traffic, instead introducing effective public transport, as well as state-of-the art bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure.