A safe family

A family is a community in which we show each other love, trust, and intimacy. There are many different families out there, and every one of them deserves a right to healthcare, education, support in caring for their children, elders, or persons with disabilities. That’s what we believe “family-first” means.

Protecting health

As patients, we deserve to feel safe and be treated with professionalism and respect. To guarantee that, the state has to stop saving on healthcare and commit at least 8% of the GDP to it. Doctors, nurses and diagnosticians have to earn fair wages and be protected by labour law.

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What we need is an increase in healthcare funding to 7.2% of our GDP


A true welfare state

In families, we take care of each other if needed. That does not mean that the state stops supporting elderly and persons with disabilities. Every dependent should be supported at home, guaranteed by local governments.

620 PLN

the amount of allowance received by a person caring for a dependent relative if they do not take another job due to caretaking responsibilities.

Supporting parents

Being a parent is a lot of joy and love, but also a lot of work. The state has to actively support families, particularly women who are burdened with far more of the work. We want to introduce a 480-day parental leave, equally divided between the two parents. Child support payments are not gifts — the state has to start seriously prosecuting parents who avoid supporting their children. Each child should have guaranteed access to affordable preschools and daycare.

480 days

this is how much paid parental leave a family should have after a new child arrives in their family

Schools that support growth

Schools should be places that children and youth like to attend, where they feel respected, where their skills are appreciated, and where they’re supported with their hardships. School shouldn’t be a place for religious or jingoistic indoctrination. It’s also the worst possible space for savings. We want to commit at least 6% of the GDP to education, ensuring fair wages for teachers, and the fulfillment of student needs.


of school principals report issues finding teachers

Housing is a right, not a commodity

Renting on the private market, or a 30-year mortgage — we’re tired of making these choices. Care for ensuring that people in Poland have a space to live is the state’s job. We will stop giving preferential treatment to real-estate developers and banks. We will create a state-run public housing program, ensuring affordable rent to every family.

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Building affordable public housing means a better life for Polish families, a happier society, and economic growth.