Stable jobs

Most people in Poland are workers. Razem consistently stands by their side.

Fair wages

Poland can afford to put an end to wages that make it impossible to make it to the end of the month. The minimum wage shouldn’t be smaller than two-thirds of the average wage. The state has to be a reliable and fair employer. Teachers, nurses, caretakers in nursing homes, employees in the culture sector, firefighters, and government clerks all ensure the functioning of society. They should be fairly rewarded for their contribution.

5600 PLN gross

our proposed minimum wage

2,26 million

employees were employed via legally dubious “junk contracts” in 2023

Stable employment

Enough with “junk contracts”! Everyone deserves vacation days, health insurance, stability and safety. The National Labour Inspectorate must be given tools that will allow it to transform any legally dubious “junk contract” into a binding employment contract which will protect workers’ rights. We will introduce a job guarantee program — local governments will provide work in exchange for fair wages to all unemployed persons.

Fair taxes

Our country is being funded by workers. Global corporations are avoiding taxes, the rich settle them in Cyprus or the Cayman Islands. We will lower taxes for most people, we will get rid of the line tax for companies and ensure enforcement to stop the rich from robbing society.

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We won’t let corporations pay lower taxes than ordinary people—we stand with millions, not with millionaires!


35 hour work weeks

We will shorten the work week from 40 hours to 35 hours while maintaining current wages. Thanks to new technologies, we have seen a massive increase in productivity, yet people are still working just as long as they were for the past 50 years. People are suffering from being overworked, which in turn impacts their health and quality of life. The state has to ensure everyone has enough time for their families, for social activities, and for rest.

1766 hours

this is how much we spend yearly at work. That’s almost the most in Europe!
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We work the most in all of Europe, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Shortening the work week to 35 hours means additional time for rest, spending time with your family or doing the things you love.


Free labour unions

We will make unionizing easier and put an end to union busting to ensure safety to people wanting to fight for better wages and working conditions. We will simplify labour dispute procedures, and make union fees tax-deductible. Nobody will take care of workers’ business better than the workers themselves, as long as the state gives them the opportunity to do so!

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Persistent union busting is illegal in theory, but we want it to also be illegal in practice.